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This month: We feature a review on the symptom assessment to guide treatment selection and determine progression in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer, as well as several excellent research papers and more.

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Vol 12, No 9 (2018): CUAJ September

Epub, pre-print papers for September are available in draft format. Final formatted, copy edited versions will be uploaded as ready.  

Table of Contents

Original Research

Hugo Simard, Robert Sabbagh, Simon Ouellet, Patrick Richard, Claudio Jeldres
Mikolaj Przydacz, Lysanne Campeau, Jens-Erik Walter, Jacques Corcos
Donald Charles Fedrigon, Rajat Jain, Sri Sivalingam
Deepak K. Pruthi, Hanzhang Wang, Arpan Satsangi, Miguel Cajipe, Kevan Iffrig, Georges M. Haidar, Taylor Hicks, Edward Y. Sako, Micheal A. Liss, Wasim H. Chowdhury, Ronald Rodriguez, Dharam Kaushik
Michelle Whittum, Ahmed Aly Hussein, Youssef E. Ahmed, Hijab Khan, Collin Krasowski, Neil B. Huben, Paul R. May, Tomoaki Terakawa, Qiang Li, Khurshid A. Guru
Kyle Scarberry, Lee Ponsky, Edward Cherullo, William Larchian, Donald Bodner, Matthew Cooney, Rodney Ellis, Gregory MacLennan, Ben Johnson, William Tabayoyong, Robert Abouassaly
Ibrahim Aydogdu, Mesrur Selcuk Silay


Fred Saad, Frédéric Pouliot, Brita Danielson, Charles Catton, Anil Kapoor

Residents' Room

Gautamn Sarwal, Hilary L. Brotherhood, Edmund C.P. Chedgy, David C. Taylor, Alex G. Kavanagh

Images in Urology

Ailsa May Li Gan, Paul Plantinga, Nahid Punjani, Andrew Hussey, Nicholas Power