Predictors of mortality for patients admitted to the intensive care unit with obstructing septic stones


  • Uday Mann
  • Kunal Jain
  • Rachel Wong
  • Zack Li
  • Amanda Eng
  • Ruben Blachman-Braun
  • Premal Patel



septic stone, mortality, critical care, intensive care, obstructing stones


Introduction: Patients diagnosed with septic stone are at significant risk of morbidity and mortality should source control through drainage be delayed, and they are often admitted to intensive care units (ICU) for hemodynamic support. The purpose of this study was to determine patient factors that may predict mortality in patients admitted to ICU with septic stone, particularly whether rural patients at a greater distance from a tertiary care center were at greater risk of mortality given the inherent delay in intervention.

Methods: The Manitoba Intensive Care Unit prospective registry began in 1999 and includes all patients admitted to ICU across Manitoba. Baseline characteristics, such as age, gender, vital signs, creatinine, Charlson comorbidity index (CCI), mortality outcomes, and location of residency were obtained for those admitted to ICU for septic stone. Association between death and clinical/demographic variables was performed with adjusted multivariable logistical regression analysis.

Results: A total of 342 patients admitted to the ICU were analyzed, with a mean age of 63.5±15.5 years. Baseline characteristics were similar between groups (p>0.05). On multivariable adjusted logistical regression, the presence of acute kidney injury (AKI) (p<0.001) and intubation (p<0.001) were associated with mortality. There was no difference in mortality attributable to location of residency, vital signs, or CCI.

Conclusions: Among patients admitted to the ICU for septic stones in Manitoba, we demonstrate an association between AKI and intubation with mortality. Other factors, such as whether patients were from a rural region and baseline patient characteristics, were not predictive of mortality.


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Mann, U., Jain, K. ., Wong, R. ., Li, Z. ., Eng, A. ., Blachman-Braun, R. ., & Patel, P. . (2021). Predictors of mortality for patients admitted to the intensive care unit with obstructing septic stones. Canadian Urological Association Journal, 15(11).



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