Enhanced recovery after cystectomy in patients with preoperative narcotic use


  • Saum Ghodoussipour
  • Alireza Ghoreifi University of Southern California https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7368-7240
  • Behdod Katebian
  • Brian H. Cameron
  • Anirban P. Mitra
  • Jie Cai
  • Gus Miranda
  • Anne K. Schuckman
  • Siamak Daneshmand
  • Hooman Djaladat




Cystectomy;, patient readmission;, recovery of function;, narcotics;, pain


Introduction: The aim of this study was to evaluate the outcomes of radical cystectomy with an enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol in patients with a history of chronic preoperative narcotic use compared to narcotic-naive patients.

Methods: We identified 553 patients who underwent open radical cystectomy with ERAS. Preoperative narcotic use was identified in 34 patients who were then matched to 68 narcotic-naive patients. Postoperative outcomes, opioid use, and visual analog scale (VAS) pain scores were analyzed and compared. All routes of opioid use were recorded and converted to a morphine equivalent dose (MED).

Results: Patients with preoperative narcotic use reported higher median VAS pain scores per day (postoperative day [POD1]: 5.2 vs. 3.9, p=0.003; POD2: 5.1 vs. 3.6, p<0.001; POD3: 4.6 vs. 3.8, p=0.004) and used significantly more opioids (median MED) per day (POD1: 13.2 vs. 10.0, p=0.02; POD2: 11.3 vs. 6.4, p=0.003; POD3: 10.2 vs. 5.0, p=0.005) following surgery. Preoperative narcotic users were noted to have a significantly higher incidence of 90-day re-admissions (41.2% vs. 20.6%, p=0.03). There was no difference in median hospital stay (4 vs. 4 days, p=0.6), 30- or 90-day complications (64.7% vs. 60.3%, p=0.8 and 82.4% vs. 75.0%, p=0.4, respectively) or gastrointestinal complications (29.4% vs. 26.5%, p=0.8), including postoperative ileus (11.8% vs. 20.6%, p=0.2).

Conclusions: Patients with preoperative narcotic exposure report higher pain scores and require more opioid use following radical cystectomy with ERAS and are more likely to be re-admitted within 90 days. However, there was no observed difference in hospital stay or complications.


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Ghodoussipour, S. ., Ghoreifi, A., Katebian, B. ., Cameron, B. H. ., Mitra, A. P. ., Cai, J., Miranda, G., Schuckman, A. K., Daneshmand, S., & Djaladat, H. (2021). Enhanced recovery after cystectomy in patients with preoperative narcotic use. Canadian Urological Association Journal, 15(11). https://doi.org/10.5489/cuaj.7007



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