Outcome analysis of patients with Peyronie’s disease who elect for vacuum erection device therapy


  • Landan P. MacDonald Dalhousie University
  • M. Luke Armstrong Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Kyle J. Lehmann
  • Matthew R. Acker Dalhousie University
  • Gavin M. Langille Dalhousie University




Penile induration, peyronie's disease, PD, Vacuum erection device


Introduction: Peyronie’s disease (PD) affects approximately 0.7– 11% of men1 and has numerous proposed treatments. Invasive management options include surgical or injectable therapy, while penile traction therapy with vacuum erection device (VED) represents a non-invasive approach. Our objective is to assess outcomes for patients with PD who opt for non-invasive management.

Methods: We performed a retrospective analysis for patients with PD who were followed for at least three months and opted for noninvasive therapy. All patients were instructed to initiate VED traction therapy for 10 minutes twice per day. Patients were assessed for degree of PD deformity and erectile function (Sexual Health Inventory for Men [SHIM] score) at initial and subsequent encounters.

Results: Fifty-three patients met the inclusion criteria. The mean (standard deviation [SD]) age was 57 (12) years, and the mean (SD) duration of PD prior to assessment was 25 (15) months. The mean (SD) duration of followup was 14 (11) months. Among untreated patients who did not use a VED, nine showed improvement, 20 remained stable, and four had worsening curvature. The untreated group had a significant change in curvature, with a mean improvement (SD) of 3.6 (12)º (p=0.048). All 20 men who initiated VED traction therapy had an improvement in curvature with a significant mean (SD) improvement of 23 (16)º (p=2.6x10-6). Changes in SHIM scores did vary significantly between groups. No complications were noted.

Conclusions: In patients who opt for non-invasive management of PD, VED traction therapy provides improved curvature resolution compared to those who do not use such a device. The limitations of this study include the retrospective nature and a small sample size at a single treatment center.


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MacDonald, L. P., Armstrong, M. L., Lehmann, K. J., Acker, M. R., & Langille, G. M. (2020). Outcome analysis of patients with Peyronie’s disease who elect for vacuum erection device therapy. Canadian Urological Association Journal, 14(9), E428–31. https://doi.org/10.5489/cuaj.6205



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