Management of post-radiation therapy complications among prostate cancer patients: A case series


  • Ryan Kendrick Flannigan University of British Columbia
  • Richard John Baverstock Vesia Alberta Bladder Center Southern Alberta Center of Urology University of Calgary



Prostate Cancer, Radiation Therapy, Complications, Management


Introduction: Treating prostate cancer with radiation therapy (RT) is a viable option, albeit with its own profile of complications. We describe a unique Canadian report of a single surgeon (RJB) experience in the management of complex post-prostate cancer RT complications.

Methods: We retrospectively analyzed patients who had previously received external beam radiation (XRT) or brachytherapy (BT) for prostate cancer referred to a single surgeon for persistent urologic related difficulties between 2005 and 2010. We used the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) morbidity grading system to assign each patient a 1 to 5 grade for their greatest complication.

Results: In total, 15 patients were identified with a total of 43 RT-related complications. Of these 43 complications, 19 presented with obstruction, 8 with radiation failure or new bladder cancer, 6 with hematuria, 5 with intractable incontinence, and 5 with urinary tract infections. These patients required several investigations prior to treatment. Treatment of these complications used surgical, local and medical approaches. In the end, 1 patient had total incontinence, 3 improved their incontinence, 3 had self-catheterization and dilation, 1 voided well, 3 underwent cystectomy with ileo-conduits, 2 had chronic hematuria, and 2 passed away.

Conclusion: These patients are heavily investigated and require significant resources, including patient visits, diagnostics and treatment modalities to optimize their condition. Cure is not always possible, but the aim to improve quality of life should guide management.


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Flannigan, R. K., & Baverstock, R. J. (2014). Management of post-radiation therapy complications among prostate cancer patients: A case series. Canadian Urological Association Journal, 8(9-10), e632–6.