Case: Testicular oligometastasis from prostate cancer — Report of rare isolated recurrence after radiotherapy and intermittent androgen-deprivation therapy

Chan-Kyung J. Cho, Samantha Sigurdson, Christopher M. Davidson, Michael Leveridge, Aamer Mahmud


Testicular oligometastasis secondary to prostate cancer is rare. We present a case where a patient with locally advanced prostate cancer was treated with high-dose external beam radiotherapy and two years of androgen-deprivation therapy, followed by intermittent androgen suppression. Three and a half years after initial diagnosis, he was found to have a painless testicular mass. Orchiectomy was performed and histopathology demonstrated metastatic prostatic adenocarcinoma. He remains in clinical remission on intermittent androgen suppression eight years following initial treatment, and over four years after presentation with testicular metastasis.

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