Preoperative nutritional factors and outcomes after radical cystectomy: A narrative review

Janie Allaire, Tal Ben-Zvi, Benoît Lamarche, Karine Robitaille, Yves Fradet, Louis Lacombe, Vincent Fradet


Only a few nutritional factors have been identified to predict the risk of developing complications after radical cystectomy (RC). This narrative review delineates the current known effects of preoperative nutritional status factors in this context. The report highlights the heterogeneity between study methods and results. We determined that low albuminemia values increase mortality risk and overall complications. In addition, obesity tends to increase the risk of developing venous thromboembolism and adverse events. Additional prospective studies, using standardized methods to both define and report complications, should be conducted to strengthen the connections between preoperative nutritional status factors and post-RC complications. Furthermore, intervention studies testing the impact of strategies to improve nutritional status on the risk of complications after RC are also needed.