A prospective audit on the effect of training and educational workshops on the incidence of urethral catheterization injuries


  • Nikita R. Bhatt Adeaide and Meath hospital, Tallaght
  • Niall F. Davis
  • Mark R. Quinlan
  • Robert J. Flynn
  • T.E.D. McDermott
  • Rustom P. Manecksha
  • John A. Thornhill




Introduction: The incidence of iatrogenic urethral catheterization (UC) injuries is approximately 0.3%. Resultant complications are associated with patient morbidity and unnecessary healthcare costs. Our aim was to investigate whether educational training workshops decreased the incidence of UC-related injuries.

Methods: A prospective audit was performed to calculate incidence, morbidity, and costs associated with iatrogenic UC injury from January to July 2015. Educational workshops were then conducted with healthcare staff and training modules for junior doctors. UC-related incidence, morbidity, and costs in the subsequent six-month period were recorded prospectively and compared with the previous data.

Results: The incidence of iatrogenic UC injuries was reduced from 4.3/1000 catheters inserted to 3.8/1000 catheters after the intervention (p=0.59). Morbidity from UC increased in the second half in the form of increase in cumulative additional inpatient hospital stay (22 to 79 days; p=0.25), incidence of urosepsis (n=2 to n=4), and need for operative intervention (n=1 to n=2). The cost of managing UC injuries almost doubled in the period after the training intervention (€50 449 to €90 100).

Conclusions: Current forms of educational and training interventions for UC did not significantly change morbidity or cost of iatrogenic UC injuries despite a decrease in incidence. Improved and intensive training protocols are necessary for UC to prevent avoidable iatrogenic complications, as well as a safer urethral catheter design.


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Bhatt, N. R., Davis, N. F., Quinlan, M. R., Flynn, R. J., McDermott, T., Manecksha, R. P., & Thornhill, J. A. (2017). A prospective audit on the effect of training and educational workshops on the incidence of urethral catheterization injuries. Canadian Urological Association Journal, 11(7), E302–6. https://doi.org/10.5489/cuaj.4271



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