Effect of adipose tissue-derived stem cell injection in a rat model of urethral fibrosis


  • Premsant Sangkum Ramathibodi Hospital
  • Faysal A. Yafi Tulane University School of Medicine
  • Hogyoung Kim
  • Mostafa Bouljihad
  • Manish Ranjan
  • Amrita Datta
  • Sree Harsha Mandava
  • Suresh C. Sikka
  • Asim B. Abdel-Mageed
  • Wayne J.G. Hellstrom Tulane University School of Medicine




Introduction: We sought to evaluate the therapeutic effect of adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs) in a rat model of urethral fibrosis.

Methods: Eighteen (18) male Sprague-Dawley rats (300‒350 g) were divided into three groups: (1) sham (saline injection); (2) urethral fibrosis group (10 μg transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF-β1) injection); and (3) ADSCs group (10 μg TGF-β1 injection plus 2 x 105 ADSCs). Rat ADSCs were harvested from rat inguinal fat pads. All study animals were euthanized at two weeks after
urethral injection. Following euthanasia, rat urethral tissue was were quantitated by Western blot analysis. 

Results: TGF-β1 injection induced significant urethral fibrosis and increased collagen type I and III expression (p<0.05). Significant decrease in submucosal fibrosis and collagen type I and III expression were noted in the ADSCs group compared with the urethral fibrosis group (p<0.05). TGF-β1 induced fibrotic changes were ameliorated by injection of ADSCs.

Conclusions: Local injection of ADSCs in a rat model of urethral fibrosis significantly decreased collagen type I and III. These findings suggest that ADSC injection may prevent scar formation and potentially serve as an adjunct treatment to increase the success rate of primary treatment for urethral stricture disease. Further animal and clinical studies are needed to confirm these results.


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Sangkum, P., Yafi, F. A., Kim, H., Bouljihad, M., Ranjan, M., Datta, A., Mandava, S. H., Sikka, S. C., Abdel-Mageed, A. B., & Hellstrom, W. J. (2016). Effect of adipose tissue-derived stem cell injection in a rat model of urethral fibrosis. Canadian Urological Association Journal, 10(5-6), E175–80. https://doi.org/10.5489/cuaj.3435



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