Concurrent use of endourological and radiologic methods in the management of high-grade renal trauma

Ardalan Akbari, Manraj K.S. Heran, Kourosh Afshar


This case report explores the efficacy of simultaneous use of endourological and radiological methods to assess and manage high-grade renal trauma. A male rugby player was diagnosed with Grade 4 blunt renal trauma. A segment of the patient’s kidney was isolated from the main renal pelvis with intact perfusion. This resulted in urinary extravasation. Ureteral stenting and angioembolization were used to treat the patient’s severe symptoms. Angioembolization ablated functional tissue that was causing a persistent urinary leak. Following the treatment, the patient was discharged with no significant bleeding or leakage from the kidney. This report illustrates an uncommon use of this combined approach. Followup 18 months post-trauma revealed normal blood pressure and approximately 30% loss of volume of the affected kidney.

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