Fungus ball and emphysematous cystitis secondary to Candida tropicalis: A case report


  • Lei Wang
  • Xiang Ji
  • Guo-feng Sun
  • Ying-chao Qin
  • Miao-zi Gong
  • Jin-xia Zhang
  • Ning-chen Li Peking University Shougang Hospital
  • Yan-qun Na



fungus ball, emphysematous cystitis, Candida tropicalis


Fungus ball and fungal emphysematous cystitis are two rare complications of fungal urinary tract infection. A 53-year-old male patient presented with these complications caused by Candida tropicalis simultaneously. The predisposing factors were diabetes mellitus and usage of broad-spectrum antibiotics. The fungus ball, measuring 3.5 × 2.0 cm on the left wall of the urinary bladder, shrank significantly to 1.6 × 0.8 cm after 5 days of intermittent irrigation with saline before surgery. With transurethral removal of the fungus ball and antifungal treatment with fluconazole, the patient fully recovered. We conclude that a bladder fungus ball and fungal emphysematous cystitis should always be suspected in patients with diabetes mellitus with uncontrolled funguria and abnormal imaging. Treatment should include a systemic antifungal therapy and thorough surgical removal of the fungus ball. A systemic antifungal therapy combined with a local irrigation with saline or antifungal drugs might help decrease the dissemination of fungemia during an invasive manipulation.


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Wang, L., Ji, X., Sun, G.- feng, Qin, Y.- chao, Gong, M.- zi, Zhang, J.- xia, Li, N.- chen, & Na, Y.- qun. (2015). Fungus ball and emphysematous cystitis secondary to Candida tropicalis: A case report. Canadian Urological Association Journal, 9(9-10), E683–6.