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This month: We feature a summary from the  second Bladder Cancer Canada-Canadian Urological Association- Canadian Urologic Oncology Group (BCC-CUA-CUOG) bladder cancer quality of care consensus meeting focused on improving patient journey and quality of care.

If you missed them last month, be sure to read the supplement on practical tips from the experts on the management of chronic urologic pain, as well as the 2018 CUA Annual Meeting abstracts.

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Coming up: Canadian Urological Association guidelines for followup of patients after treatment of non-metastatic renal cell carcinoma (Epub now available)


Vol 12, No 7 (2018): CUAJ July

Table of Contents

Consensus Statement

Improving patient journey and quality of care: Summary from the second Bladder Cancer Canada-Canadian Urological Association- Canadian Urologic Oncology Group (BCC-CUA-CUOG) bladder cancer quality of care consensus meeting
Wassim Kassouf, Armen Aprikian, Fred Saad, Rodney H. Breau, Girish Kulkarni, David M. Guttman, Ken Bagshaw, Jonathan Izawa, Libni Eapen, Adrian Fairey, Alan So, Scott North, Ricardo Rendon, Srikala S. Sridhar, Fadi Brimo, Peter Chung, Darrel Drachenberg, Yves Fradet, Niels Jacobsen, Chris Morash, Bobby Shayegan, Geoffrey Gotto, Alex Zlotta, Neil Fleshner, D. Robert Siemens, Peter C. Black

Original Research

Kunal Jain, Michael B. Fuoco, Gagan Fervaha, Michael J. Leveridge
Larissa J. Vos, Clement K. Ho, Bryan J. Donnelly, J. Dean Reuther, Marc Kerba
Khaled Ajib, Mila Mansour, Marc Zanaty, Mansour Alnazari, Pierre-Alain Hueber, Malek Meskawi, Roger Valdivieso, Come Tholomier, Benjamin Pradere, Vincent Misrai, Dean Elterman, Kevin C. Zorn
Marco Bandini, Michele Marchioni, Raisa S. Pompe, Zhe Tian, Tristan Martel, Felix K. Chun, Luca Cindolo, Anil Kapoor, Francesco Montorsi, Shahrokh F. Shariat, Alberto Briganti, Pierre I. Karakiewicz
Ross J. Mason, Stephen A. Boorjian, Bimal Bhindi, Laureano Rangel, Igor Frank, R. Jeffrey Karnes, Matthew K. Tollefson
Paolo Dell'Oglio, Anne Sophie Valiquette, Sami-Ramzi Leyh-Bannurah, Zhe Tian, Vincent Trudeau, Alessandro Larcher, Shahrokh F. Shariat, Umberto Capitanio, Alberto Briganti, Markus Graefen, Francesco Montorsi, Pierre I. Karakiewicz
Nathan Grimes, Cathal Hannan, Matthew Tyson, Ali Thwaini
Alan D. Rogol, Natalia Tkachenko, Philipp Badorrek, Jens M. Hohlfeld, Nathan Bryson

Residents' Room

Ahmad Mousa, Jessica Ming, Michelle Lightfoot, Andrew Kirsch, Walid A. Farhat

Images in Urology

Dylan Hoare, Michael Hobart

Techniques in urology

Daniel T. Keefe, Veridiana Andrioli, Michael P. Leonard

Classified Announcement

Bluewater Health, Sarnia, ON