Exploring the business of urology: Change management


  • J. Stuart Oake
  • Timothy O. Davies
  • Anne-Marie Houle
  • Darren Beiko




Change is inevitable. All organizations need to change to maintain relevance and to successfully adapt to varying external forces. Change is a challenge for those involved in it. It is the antithesis of consistency and at its core requires a shift in behaviour that is reflexic and instinctual. The authors of this paper would suggest that given the nature of healthcare, its evolving research, its social value/importance, and its cost, that no other profession is more subject to change than medicine. Change is necessary, inevitable, and difficult. A solid understanding of change and its management process is a prerequisite for professional survival. Preparation, conviction, purpose, and clarity are the core values of change. Physicians, more than any other profession, have been driven to and exposed to change. Physicians are in a position to distill its process to a level of understanding that would serve as a model for others to follow. The goals of this paper are to outline the rationale of change, as well as to review change management options and strategies to increase successful change.


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Oake, J. S., Davies, T. O., Houle, A.-M., & Beiko, D. (2017). Exploring the business of urology: Change management. Canadian Urological Association Journal, 11(6), 163–6. https://doi.org/10.5489/cuaj.4525



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