Management of adult concealed penis using a meshed, split-thickness skin graft

Aaron Boonjindasup, Michael Pinsky, Carrie Stewart, Landon Trost, Abigail Chaffin, David Jansen, Wayne Hellstrom


Introduction: Concealed penis (CP) is a rare problem faced by urologists and plastic surgeons. CP occurs secondary to trauma, obesity, or infection. Surgical treatment is individualized and based on patient and provider variables. We aim to review our recent experience using meshed split-thickness skin grafting (STSG) for CP management.

Methods: A retrospective review was performed on patients who underwent STSG for CP at our institution. Records were reviewed for demographic, operative, and postoperative variables. Preoperative and postoperative photos were obtained to monitor cosmetic results.

Results: Eleven patients underwent CP release with meshed STSG placement. All cases showed improved functional phallic length and good cosmetic results, regardless of etiology.

Conclusions: STSG is a viable option for penile coverage for management of this difficult-to-treat CP population. This primary or salvage modality offers excellent cosmetic results and may be used following prior reconstructive attempts.

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