Primary testicular mucinous neoplasms: case report and literature review

Jason E Elliott, Julianne R.H. Klein, Darrel E Drachenberg


Testicular epithelial mucinous tumours are an extremely rare, but
interesting form of testicular neoplasm. We reviewed the medical
literature using PubMed search terms: testis, mucinous cystadenoma,
mucinous cystadenocarcinoma, neoplasms and testicular
neoplasms. We describe a case from our institution and provide a
review of the literature. Only 11 previously reported cases of mucinous
testicular tumours have been reported in the English literature.
The natural history of these tumours is poorly understood, due to
their rarity, but it appears that, like their ovarian counterparts, they
have an excellent prognosis. Exclusion of metastasis is an important
point for the urologist when encountering a mucinous testicular
tumour, as metastatic cystic lesions may mimic a primary mucinous
tumour. We describe a case of ossified testicular mucinous
tumour of low malignant potential. Such tumours are common
in the ovary, but arise very rarely in the testicle. The clinical and
histological features of this tumour are presented, and previously
reported cases are reviewed to highlight important clinical features.

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