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by Mr Robert Harbuck (2017-11-05)

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Follow all the directions applied in the port of the device. It can be used every day and worn for 8-10 hours. The device is invisible under clothes, which makes it a great advantage. After a month, you will see the first improvements. More visible results will be achieved in 6 months of its regular use.

SizeGenetics Price and Where to Buy

It is now possible to buy SizeGenetics in three different packages.

The starter version starts at $ 199.95 on, and provides its customers with the kit, and initial required in order to obtain this enlarged penis.

The basic packages and the Ultimate are a lot more extensive and also well as providing the famous comfort system 58 channels, they offer a host of other information and accessories to ensure that you get the real value for the money.

We consider sizegenetics to be the best extender available now. However, the starting price of $ 199 is not the best way to start.

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