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Read this month's papers on topics ranging from trends in the training of female urology residents in Canada to compliance of the recurrent renal stone former with current best practice guidelines.

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Coming up: Guideline on the investigation and management of antenatally detected hydronephrosis (April 2018; Epub now available) and a full supplement on transition of urologic care from childhood to adulthood (April 2018)

Vol 12, No 3 (2018): CUAJ March

Table of Contents

Original Research

Michael Di Lena, Victoria Tolls, Kerri-Lynn Kelly, J. Curtis Nickel
Katherine Anderson, Karthik Tennankore, Ashley Cox
Derek Bos, Kevin Kim, Jen Hoogenes, Shahid Lambe, Bobby Shayegan, Edward D. Matsumoto
Mansour Alnazari, Marc Zanaty, Khaled Ajib, Assaad El-Hakim, Kevin C. Zorn
Travis J. Pagliara, Ronak A. Gor, Daniel Liberman, Jeremy B. Myers, Patrik Luzny, John T. Stoffel, Sean P. Elliott, on behalf of the Neurogenic Bladder Research Group
Tadatsugu Anno, Eiji Kikuchi, Keishiro Fukumoto, Koichiro Ogihara, Mototsugu Oya
Osama M. Sarhan, Ahmed El Helaly, Abdul Hakim Al Otay, Mustafa Al Ghanbar, Ziad Nakshabandi Nakshabandi
Mina Tadrous, Dean Elterman, Wayne Khuu, Muhammad M. Mamdani, David N. Juurlink, Tara Gomes


Mark R. Quinlan, Damien M. Bolton, Rowan G. Casey
Mauricio Medina-Rico, Hugo López-Ramos, Manuel Lobo, Jorge Romo, Juan Guillermo Prada


Pitfalls of prioritizing cost-effectiveness in the assessment of medical innovation: A comment on Wallis and Detsky guest editorial
Mike Paulden, Christopher McCabe

Images in Urology

Kristen McAlpine, Nikhile Mookerji, Luke T. Lavallée, James Watterson

Classified Announcement

McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)
CMX Research Partner
Pembroke Regional Hospital, Pembroke, ON