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Bio Statement FIFA 18 FUT Guide: Tips and Tricks


How does FUT Draft work?

In FIFA 16 appeared FUT Draft, a way to build the team based on gold cards. It can be used in specific competitions where there are also good prizes. Choose the training Free Dragon Mania Legends Gold first and then the players in each position. Here the complicated thing is to create a quality team without breaking the chemistry between them, because the first seems easy, but the second not so much.

★ Cost or reward
To participate in this model you have to pay 15,000 coins, so it is better to be clear that you are going to have a good return on investment because here the Free FIFA 18 Hack Coins really interesting are the rewards that you can access, among which there are some premium gold envelopes. You can try your luck in other online modes or face the machine, again adjusting the difficulty. The question is to win as many matches as possible.

★ Hurry up to have a plan underway
With so many possibilities it can happen to you that you start to go around several ideas and you do not finish any of them. Another trick, you have to do just the opposite, you have to define an idea to create chemistry as quickly as possible around you. Either by nationality, by team or by league. An error that you should never fall into is the automatic selection of changes. You have to have them prepared by hand so that the one who enters does not get worse what was there. And, as for the coach, How to Hack FIFA 18 choose one that is compatible with the majority of the staff.

FIFA 18 FUT: News


The most important novelty of this delivery with the so-called Squad Battles, a way in which you can challenge teams created by other people, by real players or even by game developers. Then compete against the AI and points won, the more the difficulty, go to an online ranking. These classifications are cleaned after several days, but leave rewards depending on the position reached, especially for those who reach the Top 100. Here there is a large booty waiting.

★ FUT Icons
In this Guide with tricks and tips for FIFA 18 FUT Ultimate Team we are not going to leave the opportunity to talk about the icons. Not that they are entirely new, but to date they were exclusive to Xbox consoles and were more covered. Now that it is also on Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation consoles are going to have more travel. They are legendary players who have retired as Pele, Maradona, Ronaldinho or Rui Costa, and each of them also has several versions that represent different moments of his career. Quality through pores

And one last tip for the FIFA 18 FUT mode: try to control your anger and your anger. Soccer FIFA 17 Hack No Survey games can be very frustrating, but before you throw a handle to the ground or leave a game and be penalized simply breathe and remember that you are here to have fun.